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|| Classroom Materials ||

Ready-to-use materials that bring the Library’s primary sources into the classroom.

Find classroom materials that meet your state standards

Primary Source Sets

detail from The First voyage

Hispanic Exploration

A selection of Library of Congress primary sources exploring the contributions and interactions of Hispanic peoples in North America during the age of exploration. This set also includes a Teacher’s Guide with historical context and teaching suggestions.

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Themed Resources

detail from mural The Teaching of the Indians

Hispanic Americans

Rare maps, historical documents from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, local histories, recorded songs, interactive games, and detailed online bibliographies offer insights into the culture, contributions, and interactions of Hispanic peoples in North America.

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Lesson Plans

detail from The Huexotzinco Codex

The Huexotzinco Codex

Students use Library of Congress primary sources to examine a set of pictograph documents created by native peoples of Puebla, Mexico in 1531.

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Collection Connections

detail of an English Guitar

California Gold: Northern California Folk Music from the Thirties. Collected by Sidney Robertson Cowell

Historical context and ideas for teaching with primary sources from the Library of Congress digital collection California Gold: Northern California Folk Music from the Thirties.

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Presentations and Activities

detail from Food will win the war

Immigration Presentation

This presentation uses Library of Congress primary sources to introduce teachers and students to the topic of immigration.

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|| Professional Development ||

Build teacher skills with the Library's professional development curriculum.

Build and Deliver
Download and facilitate ready-to-present professional development.

detail from Professional Development Builder

Take Online Modules
Earn a certificate of completion with self-paced interactive modules.

detail from self-paced interactive module

Train with the Library of Congress
Work with the Library's experts in person or via videoconference.

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|| TPS Partners ||

The Teaching with Primary Sources Program builds partnerships with educational organizations to support effective instruction using primary sources.

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The TPS Quarterly
Fall Issue: Engaging Elementary Students with Primary Sources

|| News & Events ||

detail of lithograph of Washington's entry into New York

A New Look for the Lesson Plans

The Library of Congress lesson plans, which have been a core part of the Library's teacher resources for more than a decade, are sporting a fresh look and a new address.

detail of a compass from an old map

Standards and Sharing

Teachers can now find and share Library of Congress teacher resources more easily than ever, thanks to two new tools on the Library's Web site for teachers.

Photo of Michael McNelis, age 8 yrs. Old, newsboy

Learn about engaging elementary students with primary sources

The Fall 2010 issue of Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Quarterly is now available. This issue focuses on the theme of engaging elementary students with primary sources.

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|| Using Primary Sources ||

A quick-start guide to bringing primary sources into the classroom, with guides, tools, and information on citation and copyright.

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|| Class Starters ||

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