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Paul Fights to Save Naval Station Ingleside

April 26, 2005    Washington, DC:  Congressman Ron Paul has contacted Anthony Principi, Chairman of the president’s Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) commission, asking him to keep Naval Station Ingleside open.  Paul plans to work closely with House leadership and BRAC administrators to ensure that a vital and strategic Navy facility is not closed for political reasons.

Naval Station Ingleside, located north of Corpus Christi, provides logistics and base support services to 41 Navy commands, including 21 ships.  It employs 3,900 Navy and civilian personnel who specialize in mine warfare.  It also supports the local economy in the surrounding coastal bend community.  Many on those employed at Ingleside live in the 14th congressional district.

Ingleside is located aside a vital ship channel, which connect the Port of Corpus Christi with the Gulf of Mexico.  It is the only deep-water port on the Gulf, which makes Ingleside capable of docking virtually any Navy vessel-- including aircraft carriers.  The base is still quite new, having opened in 1990, and operates within federal environmental guidelines.

“Why are we building military bases in Iraq and Uzbekistan, and but closing them in Texas?” Paul asked.  “Ingleside Naval Station has real strategic value as the only deep-water Navy base on the entire Gulf coast.  It is a critical launching point for deep-water ships, and it’s vital to the defense of our nation’s southern shoreline.  The number one priority for our military must be defending America, and decisions about base closures should reflect this.  Let’s close bases in Japan and Germany, not Texas.”