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Paul Supports Gas Tax Relief

September 7, 2005     

Washington, DC:  As Congress reconvened yesterday, Representative Ron Paul joined several of his congressional colleagues in cosponsoring the Gas Tax Relief Act, which will bring immediate relief to every American who buys gasoline in the coming month.  The legislation temporarily suspends federal gas taxes, which add 18.4 cents to the cost of every gallon at the pump, while leaving highway funds intact through reimbursement from general revenues. 

“Surely the bloated federal government can survive a month or two without federal gas tax revenues, especially since this legislation replenishes those revenues from the general fund,” Paul stated.  “The American people are asked to tighten their belts during crises; why can’t we ask the same of the federal government?  This is the simplest, fastest, and economically soundest way to drop gas prices immediately and ease the financial impact of Hurricane Katrina.”

Two of Paul’s colleagues, Congressman Phil English and Congressman John Shadegg, issued a statement calling for other members of Congress to support the Gas Tax Relief Act: 

“This natural disaster (Katrina) is threatening to become a national economic disaster… With prices at the pump increasing at alarming rates, is its essential that Congress engages the issue head-on.  While we cannot wave a magic wand to fully restore supplies and prices, cutting 18.4 cents off the top is a step Congress can take to alleviate the burden unexpectedly placed on families across the nation.”