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Paul Votes for Strengthened Coast Guard Bill Provides $20 Million for Removal of the Galveston Causeway Railroad Bridge

September 15, 2005      Washington, DC: Congressman Ron Paul today joined more than 400 of his congressional colleagues in voting to bolster funding for the Coast Guard.  Paul, who is known for voting against unconstitutional and wasteful pork spending, steadfastly supports proper funding for constitutional government functions like national defense.

“The Coast Guard performs one of our most vital constitutional functions,” Paul stated.  “Homeland security means securing our borders and coastlines first and foremost.  The Coast Guard does critical work protecting numerous ports and hundreds of miles of strategic coastline along the gulf in Texas.  Hurricane Katrina clearly demonstrates that more of our resources should be used here at home rather than abroad, which is why I support increased Coast Guard funding and less foreign aid.” 

The Coast Guard Maritime Transportation Act provides $8.7 billion for the Coast Guard in 2006, some of which will go toward replacing aging ships and aircraft.  It also maintains a full level of 45,000 Coast Guard personnel.  It provides funding to patrol and enforce the crucial 12 mile Naval Protection Zone, and for developing a program to protect LNG vessels.  It also includes $20 million for the removal of the dangerous Galveston Causeway Railroad Bridge.

“The Coast Guard’s mission is very important to south Texas,” Paul continued.  “Our ports and coastal energy facilities are critical to the entire nation’s economy.  As we build more liquefied natural gas facilities, more Coast Guard resources will be needed to support the transportation of LNG on U.S. vessels.  The Coast Guard plays a primary role in safeguarding the entire gulf coast, which is home to so many critical oil refineries.  This bill, unlike so many bills passed by Congress, funds critical national security needs.”