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Department of Homeland Security Announces Grant Funding for Port Security Port Freeport and Texas City will Receive Grants

September 19, 2005      Washington, DC:  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced late last week that Port Freeport and Texas City will receive funding grants in 2006 for port security measures.  Freeport will receive approximately $2.6 million, while Texas City will receive approximately $5.9 million.  These grants are part of the DHS Port Security Grant Program.

The grant program is designed to help port districts improve technology and bolster their security systems to safeguard against terrorist attacks.  DHS makes risk-based assessments to determine what cities and port districts should receive funding.

“I’m pleased that Freeport and Texas City received the port security funding they need,” Paul stated.  “True homeland security should focus on our own ports, coastlines, and borders, and the Texas gulf coast is vital to our nation’s security and economy.”