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Congress Passes Cost-of-Living Increase for Veterans

June 28,  2006    

Washington, DC:  Congress yesterday passed the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2006 by a unanimous vote.  The bill is designed to help military veterans cope with the rising cost of living by tying increases in benefits to inflation.

The Act increases rates for veterans’ disability compensation and dependent compensation.  It also increases dependency and indemnity compensation for surviving spouses and children of veterans, while raising the clothing allowance for certain disabled adult children.

The rate increases are based on the cost-of-living adjustments established for Social Security benefits. 

“I’m encouraged that Congress has finally given our veterans a long-overdue increase in benefits,” Paul stated.  “We should be spending more money on basic government functions like veterans’ benefits, and less on dubious earmarks that only benefit specific special interests.”

Veterans, their spouses, and their dependents with questions about benefits should contact Congressman Paul’s nearest district office: 

Lake Jackson 979-285-0231

Galveston 409-766-7013

Victoria 361-576-1231