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Paul Votes for Stronger Border Security

September 14, 2006      Washington, DC:  Congressman Ron Paul joined more than 280 of his House colleagues in voting to better secure our nation’s borders.  The House of Representatives passed the “Secure Fence Act of 2006” yesterday, taking a needed step toward real immigration reform.

“The problems associated with illegal immigration cannot be addresses unless and until we gain physical control of our borders and coastlines,” Paul stated.  The number one priority for Congress should be securing our borders—no immigration reform is possible until then.  Once we have control over who is entering the country, we can begin to reform the legal immigration process.”  

“Amnesty for lawbreakers is not the answer, and it’s time to rethink birthright citizenship,” Paul added.

The bill passed yesterday requires the Homeland Security Department to gain "operational control" of the country's international borders, authorizes the construction of approximately 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexican border, requires a study of implementing security systems along the U.S.-Canadian border, and directs the department to evaluate the ability of personnel to stop fleeing vehicles at the border.

Paul has joined a group of colleagues demanding that the Senate pass border security legislation this year.  The House passed a strong border enforcement bill nearly one year ago, but the Senate has failed to act on the measure.