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Paul Urges Social Security Fairness for Texas Teachers Petition Could Force Congressional Action This Year


October 18, 2006      Lake Jackson, Texas:  Congressman Ron Paul recently joined more than 120 of his congressional colleagues in demanding action on legislation that will end the unfair practice of cutting Social Security benefits for Texas teachers.

Many Texas teachers (and other public employees) work for school districts or local government entities that do not participate in the Social Security system.  Many of these individuals still qualify for Social Security benefits through their work for other employers, or through their spouses.  Upon retirement, however, their Social Security benefits are cut- or even eliminated- based on a federal law that deems their Texas pensions a “windfall.”  This is fundamentally unfair, and leaves thousands of teachers with less retirement income than they would receive based on the same earnings with another employer.

“I strongly oppose the current laws that restrict the ability of citizens and their spouses to collect full Social Security benefits just because they worked as teachers, government employees, or railroad employees,” Paul stated.  “Furthermore, a retired public employee should not have surviving spouse benefits reduced simply because the surviving spouse was a government employee. Therefore, I fully support repealing the so-called ‘windfall elimination’ provision and the government pension offset. Congress needs to act this year to end this injustice.”

Congressman Paul is an original cosponsor of HR 147, legislation that repeals both the “windfall elimination” provision and the government pension offset in federal law.  Paul yesterday signed a “discharge petition,” which is a powerful procedural device in Congress that allows HR 147 to bypass all committees and come directly to the House floor for a vote.