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Congressman Paul Supports Moratorium on Internet Taxation

October 17, 2007

Washington , DC - Congressman Ron Paul voted this week to extend the moratorium on internet taxation for another four years.  The Internet Tax Freedom Act passed decisively 405-2 to continue to ban state and local governments from levying taxes on the internet and electronic commerce.

If the bill gains passage in the Senate and is signed by the President, this will mark the third extension of the original moratorium enacted in 1998.

Congressman Paul stated, “I believe strongly that government should refrain from any and all unconstitutional intervention in the internet and e-commerce.  The internet is a dynamic and growing medium of communication that needs freedom from burdensome government restraints to grow and develop to its fullest extent.”

Congressman Paul, in addition to supporting the extension of the moratorium, has also cosponsored legislation that would make the ban on internet taxation permanent, as a mandate of the commerce clause which calls for Congress to regulate interstate commerce so that states do not impose duties on each other.