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Congressman Paul Joins with 72 Other Members to Demand Tax Fairness for His State

October 29, 2007

Washington, DC - Congressman Ron Paul has signed on to a letter directed to the leadership of the House Ways and Means Committee asking them to continue allowing sales taxes to be deductible on Federal Income Tax returns.  This deduction is set to expire at the end of this year.

State income taxes are deductible on federal income tax returns, however Texas and six other states do not have a state income tax, relying instead on sales taxes for revenue.  This puts residents of these states on unequal footing if the sales tax deduction is allowed to expire.

“While my long term goal is to make the sales tax deduction permanent, even an extension would be a victory for taxpayers in Texas ,” stated the Congressman.

Congressman Ron Paul is fighting for this deduction to be renewed either long-term or permanently for tax fairness in Texas .  In addition to signing on to this letter, he has cosponsored HR 60, which calls for the sales tax deduction to be made permanent, and HR 3680 which extends it for another year.