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Congressman Paul Fights to Block Congressional Pay Raises

January 23, 2008

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Washington, DC - Congressman Ron Paul is an original cosponsor on legislation proposed by Representative Harry Mitchell (AZ-5) to block Members of Congress from receiving the automatic pay adjustment scheduled to take effect in 2009.  

“With all the waste going on in government, the dollar losing its purchasing power, the collapse of the housing bubble, the economy is really struggling.  We Members of Congress should not be padding our pocketbooks when our constituents are tightening their belts,” stated Congressman Paul.

The bill was introduced yesterday and so far Congressman Paul is the only cosponsor.  Congressman Paul famously returns a portion of his congressional office budget to the Treasury.  He recently estimated he would be able to return $75,000 from last year’s office budget.  He also refuses to participate in the lucrative pension program that Congress has awarded itself.