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Congressman Paul Takes Aim at DC Gun Ban

February 7, 2008

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Washington, DC - Congressman Ron Paul has signed on to a letter to the President asking that an amicus curiae brief filed by U.S Solicitor General Paul D. Clement on DC v. Heller, otherwise known as the DC Gun Ban Case, be withdrawn on the basis that the reasoning within, were it to be accepted by the Supreme Court, leaves open the door for more encroachments on individuals’ Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. 

The brief in question argues that categorical bans of virtually all self-defense firearms may be upheld as constitutional if a court determines that these prohibitions are “reasonable” restrictions of constitutional rights.  The reasonability standard is the lowest standard of constitutional review our courts utilize, a much lesser hurdle than the “strict scrutiny” review that courts use in many cases in which regulations threaten individual rights.

The letter in opposition to the Clement brief contends:

“If the Supreme Court finds that the D.C. gun ban is a “reasonable” limitation of Second Amendment rights, the Court could create a dangerous precedent for the nation in the future.  Such a decision could open the door to further regulation on American citizens’ Second Amendment rights on a large scale.”

Congressman Paul, as a strict constitutionalist and in keeping with his strong record on gun rights, has signed on to another brief submitted by several members of Congress which asks the Supreme Court to uphold the lower courts decision and allow the precedent of applying a stricter standard of review for gun control cases to stand.