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Army ROTC nurse cadets may qualify for scholarships and other additional benefits to help start gaining the valuable career and leadership skills of an officer in the Army Nurse Corps.

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Courses & Colleges

Not only will you get a rich, full college experience in Army ROTC, you'll also participate in a leadership training program unlike any other.

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Four weeks of intense leadership development training prepares you for enrollment in Advanced Army ROTC during your junior year.

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Army soldiers saluting each other

Legacy & Value

Army ROTC has a long, rich history of producing some of the most notable leaders in our country's history. Learn more about them and how Army ROTC could benefit you, as well.

    Cadets talking on campus

    Ways to Attend

    There are a number of ways you can gain the distinct advantages that the Army ROTC program offers. Discover the path that is best for you.


      Army ROTC scholarships are full-tuition and based on a student's merit not financial need. There are also stipends and separate allowances for books and fees.

        Courses and Colleges

        Army ROTC's unique leadership curriculum is offered at colleges nationwide. Find the one best for you.

        Uniformed cadets

        Service Commitment

        After you graduate, you'll have the opportunity put your leadership skills to good use. That practical experience could put you years ahead of your civilian peers.

          ROTC graduation ceremony

          Post-ROTC Careers

          When you graduate from college and successfully complete the Army ROTC program, you will earn the rank of Second Lieutenant.

            Success Stories

            There are countless Cadets and Officers who have benefited from Army ROTC. Here are just a few of their stories, in their own words.

            Cadet and friends

            High School Students

            If you're about to graduate high school and thinking about college, now is the perfect time to gather information about how you might pay for tuition as well as get the most out of your higher education experience.

            College Students

            As you make your way through college, you may find that you are looking for more than a college diploma when you graduate. If you are, consider Army ROTC.

            Enlisted Soldiers

            Soldiers currently enlisted in Army have the opportunity to rise up in the ranks to Officership with unique programs designed just for them. Learn more about these scholarships as well as Green to Gold.

            Cadet with parents

            Parents & Advisors

            If you have a son or daughter who has expressed interest in Army ROTC, make sure you have the answers you need to help them make an informed decision.


            Chapter 1

            In our country today, less than one percent of our population wears nations uniform. We need somebody to step up and take the lead. The Army Officer is one of the last few noble professions. Leadership is needed on the battlefield. Leadership is needed in the classroom. Leadership is needed in business. I don't have a very big military background. I thought I would be a big chump going to straight to a military school.

            Half my college list was military academies; the other half was civilian colleges that had the ROTC program. Eventually I figured out that I wanted to go the civilian route. I wanted to have both the experience of being in the military, but also the civilian college lifestyle. When I first heard about it from a counselor in high school he told me about it and I looked into it. Hey, I got a four-year scholarship.

            The Army ROTC offers several millions of attending commissions in the United States Army. The way I think of it is there is an option for everybody. The Officers produce the Army ROTC, the largest commissioning source. The military junior college is a unique institution in that we front load all the military training in two summers and actually commission them at generally twenty years old. Because it is a junior college, you spend the first two years here; you finish a four-year degree at a regular four-year college. I felt it would be a good transition between high school and going on to the Army. The regiment of the lifestyle here, waking up a zero five in the morning, physical training everyday is very appealing to me.

            One of the important things about the Army ROTC on a civilian campus like JMU, it has both the excellent academics that you need to really get something out of a college education. But it is also kind of a more laid back and relaxed place. Virginia Tech is one of six schools that is known as a senior military college. Although they are members of the core of cadets they wear a uniform every single day. They have the opportunity to interface with the other twenty five thousand civilian students. They also want to have a college experience. I am guaranteed an active duty slot if I want it rather than having to compete like other ROTC programs.

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