Republicans Pass Earmark Ban

The House Republican Conference has approved an earmark ban for the entire 112th Congress. I’m extremely proud that our conference has taken this small but significant step toward restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington. Earmark spending may only make up a relatively small part of the federal budget, but it has played a big role in getting individual Members to support big-spending appropriations bills. Republicans will stop the favor factory in the 112th Congress, and focus on reducing the federal government to a sensible and sustainable level.

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Memorandum on Jobs and the Economy

The top issue confronting our nation is creating jobs and fixing our economy. Real job creation comes from the private sector, but our government plays an important role in encouraging or discouraging this private sector prosperity. I believe it’s my responsibility to clearly describe how I think we should tackle our toughest problems. This memo lays out steps that we can take in Washington to free businesses and individuals to reinvigorate our economy and get Americans working again.

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Where Do Jobs Come From?

Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment remained at a high 9.6 percent in the month of September. Private sector job growth was positive, but lower than expected. If the current rate of job growth held steady, it would take 20 years for the United States to make up for all of the jobs lost in the recession. Government has proven to be a poor stimulator of job growth. Good jobs, jobs that become careers and that create lasting wealth, come from the private sector. The private sector—motivated by profit—innovates and creates, finding new ways to employ American workers.

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The Fight Against Earmarks
November 17, 2010
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