Paul Pleased by Floor Vote on "End the Mandate" Print

For Immediate Release
June 15, 2010  

Paul Pleased by Floor Vote on "End the Mandate"  

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Paul was gratified today when House Republicans forced a vote on the floor to strip the most authoritarian measure from the new healthcare reform law - the requirement that every American buy government-approved health insurance or face stiff IRS penalties. Essentially, today’s resolution adopted Paul’s “End the Mandate” legislation (HR 4995) as a motion to recommit on a related tax bill.

The motion failed with a final vote count of 230 nays and 187 yeas, with a significant number of Democrats crossing party lines to vote yea.
Though the “End the Mandate” vote did not succeed in reversing this odious measure, it is a positive sign for renewed and ongoing efforts to prevent America from moving closer to a government-run healthcare system.

“I am pleased to see so many of my colleagues in agreement with me about the health insurance mandate.  With so many in Congress on both sides of the aisle willing to continue this fight, my hope is that we won’t give up until this provision, and many others, are repealed,” stated Congressman Paul.