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Kucinich: Congress Must Cut Off Funds For Iraq War; More Troops Will Only Increase The Death And Destruction
Congress Must Use Its Constitutional Authority To Do What The Administration Will Not: End The War In Iraq

Washington, Nov 20, 2006 -

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) issued the following statement today on plans circulating within the Department of Defense, and advocated by some, to increase troop levels in Iraq:

“Congress must use its Constitutional authority to do what the Administration will not do. End the war in Iraq. Congress must use its authority to cut off the funds and bring all our troops home quickly with the honor and dignity they deserve. Congress must support the troops by bringing them home.

“We must always ensure our troops have every tool necessary to protect themselves and complete the mission. No one is advocating cutting off the funds and leaving our troops without the tools they need. Congress ending appropriations for the war will only mean the Department of Defense would be forced to reprogram the existing funds in a way to expedite the return of our troops.

“To increase the number of troops will mean only to throw good money after bad at an already failed policy. Iraq cannot and will not be won militarily. To increase the number of troops will only mean more death, destruction, civil war and chaos.

“Today, three and half years after the US invaded Iraq, Iraq is mired in an increasingly violent and bloody civil war with US troops, and innocent Iraqi civilians are caught in the middle. Attacks on our troops, and even more so, innocent Iraqi civilians, have not subsided, but have actually increased.

“Most Iraqis still suffer daily without the most basic services such as electricity, clean water, sewage or hospitals. Government sponsored death squads roam the country despite the presence of over 130,000 US troops.

“It is time to cut off the funds and end the occupation of Iraq. In addition, we must bring countries in the region to the table to help provide security for Iraq and respect Iraq’s sovereignty.

“This war is going to end. It is not a matter of if but, when. I say we cannot afford one more day. It is time to end this war, and only Congress has the power to do it.”


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