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To submit your form using your Senate password:

      Open your completed form in the Mac web browser Safari by dragging the file into the Safari icon on the toolbar;

Note:  If you did not prepare your form it will not display the correct buttons to file electronically.  You will need to click the Form Complete button when it is displayed before continuing

      Navigate to the File with Congress button located at the end of page one on the LD-2DS form or at the end of page two on the LD-1DS form;

      Enter your Senate password in the Password field and click the File with Congress button;

Note:  Senate passwords are case sensitive.  If you have entered your password incorrectly your filing will not be accepted

When your form has been submitted a status message will be displayed.  If the filing was received successfully, the message will include a reference number, registrant and client name, filing year and period, as well as the date and time that you submitted your form.  If the form was not received successfully, a failed message may be displayed depending on the problem with your submission.

Your submitted form will be processed by the House and Senate separately after it has been received.  A second message will be sent from each chamber after it has been processed to notify you of the status of your filing.

See Understanding Electronic Filing for more information on filing messages