Signing and Filing Forms

Version 5.0.1, or later, of the lobbying disclosure forms have been modified to streamline the process to sign and submit your forms.  These new forms have the following features:

      The steps to sign your form are very similar to previous version.  Form entries are still validated and your form must still be digitally signed;

      ACES signatures are no longer supported.  The signer identity has been modified to use a Senate password;

      A new screen is displayed so that you can enter your name and Senate password when you click the Sign button;

      The process to submit your form has been modified.  When you click the Submit button to file with Congress, your form is sent to both the House and Senate.

The topics listed below explain the features and functions of the Lobbying Disclosure electronic forms and step by step instructions on how to complete forms and use form templates.


Signing forms with the Senate password

Submitting forms to the House and Senate