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Kucinich Says Freedom Is On the Line; Pass Campaign Finance Reform

Washington, Feb 13, 2002 - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) spoke on the House floor this afternoon in favor of the Shays/Meehan campaign Finance Reform bill. Following is his speech, as delivered:

It's time for this Congress to rescue and secure democracy from the soft money slavery of special interest and the clutches of the best government money can buy. We must stand here on the highest hill in the land and tell corporate interests which give hundreds of millions in soft money contributions to hold this government hostage to, "let my people go."

Finance and credit card companies gave $9 million in campaign cash and ordinary people ended up with higher rates of foreclosure, "let my people go." Banking and security interests give $87 million for banking deregulation, which undermines consumer economic interest, "let my people go." Corporate campaign cash buys higher electric rates, "let my people go." Corporate campaign cash buys the higher cost of prescription drugs, "let my people go." Corporate campaign cash bought fast track, which cost Americans millions of jobs, "let my people go." Corporate cash wants to buy the privatization of social security, "let my people go."

Freedom is on the line today. Free this Congress. Free this system. Free democracy from the yoke of corporate control "let my people go."

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