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Contact: Doug Gordon

Kucinich: Battle for Falluja Could Destabilize Iraq; Lead to Wider Conflict

Washington, Nov 8, 2004 - Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) issued the following statement today on the invasion of Falluja, Iraq:

“The battle for Falluja has the potential to be the bloodiest battle since the end of the Vietnam War. This battle could further destabilize Iraq, lead to a wider conflict, and further isolate the United States from the international community.

“Urban warfare, such as a battle for Falluja, is certain to bring about high civilian casualties and put our brave soldiers at tremendous risk.

“It is now clear that the United States’ continued occupation of Iraq is counterproductive and must end. Every day we are there we further harm are reputation inside of Iraq, and with our allies around the world, and put our soldiers are put at greater risk.

“While I disagree with the policy that put our soldiers in harms way, my thoughts and prayers are with them as they embark on this dangerous mission.”


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