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Contact: Doug Gordon

Kucinich: In Light Of Brutal Attack Administration Must Admit Iraq Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

Washington, Dec 22, 2004 - Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) issued the following statement on the brutal attack yesterday in Mosul, Iraq:

“Today, the whole nation stands together in mourning for the victims of yesterday’s deadly attack in Mosul, and our thoughts and prayers are with our soldiers and their loved ones.

“The horrific and brutal attack on American troops yesterday in Mosul must serve as a dire warning to the Administration that despite their rosy assessments their Iraq policy is headed in the wrong direction.

“With the escalating violence and insurgents becoming more brazen in their attacks, it is far past time that this Administration be honest with the American public: The US occupation has failed to provide security. Free and fair elections cannot, and will not, happen under such conditions.

"We mourn the loss of all of our brave men and women who have so honorable served this nation but, we must ask how more casualties will it take before this Administration will admit that its policies in Iraq have failed? How many more casualties will it take before this Administration develops an exit strategy? And, how many more casualties will it take in Iraq before we finally bring our troops home?

“Iraqi elections, while an important step, will not bring an end to the US occupation of Iraq, bring security to Iraq, or bring our soldiers home. The continued occupation of Iraq is draining our financial resources here at home, and is harming our military readiness worldwide. We cannot continue down this path.

“Now is the time for a new direction in Iraq. We must end the occupation of Iraq. It is time for a new plan. It is time, to begin the process of getting the UN in and the US out.”


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