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Kucinich: Republican Tax Bill Gives Working Class Americans A Lump Of Coal For The Holidays

Washington, Dec 8, 2005 -

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) gave the following speech today on the House floor about the Republican Tax Bill that transfers the wealth of our nation to the top 1% of taxpayers:

“What the Majority is seeking to accomplish today, with their latest tax bill, is another transfer of wealth from the great masses of Americans to a privileged few. This bill would raise taxes on 17 million American middle class families by as much as $3,640. Millionaires get tax cuts of as much as $32,000.

“People who bet on the market are going to see their taxes reduced while workers will see no relief because this bill is about a transfer of wealth upwards. A transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthiest Americans. More than one-half of the taxpayers would get less than $30 from this so-called tax cut.

“But, that is what this Administration economic polices have been all about. There has been no trickle down benefits from the previous tax cuts of over $1 trillion. American’s savings have disappeared. Credit cards are ‘maxed’ out. Home equity is exhausted. Foreclosures have increased. Pension funds have vanished. Health care benefits for many have been cut or eliminated. Forty-five million Americans live without health insurance. The wealth in this nation is being transferred upwards.

“As wealth transfers upwards, the quality of our democracy is deteriorated. This bill continues this, with spending cuts that overwhelming harm college students, senior citizens, children and family farmers.

“My colleague and good friend Congressman Lewis, of Georgia, asked what would Jesus do? We know His teachings. He said, whatever you do for the least of the brethren, you do for the Lord. This bill does nothing for those with the least, its benefits overwhelming go to those with the most.

“There is a transfer of wealth from the great mass of Americans to a few as a matter of policy. It is tax cuts, it is the war, it is all the spending cuts by our majority brothers and sisters that go to those who are wealthy.

“That is not how you can maintain a democracy. The tax system is central to making sure that we stay a democracy. Yet, what we see here is the beginning of a plutocracy by continuing the acceleration of the wealth upward in our nation.

“We need to take stock and assessment of what these tax policies are doing. What these tax policies are doing makes it impossible for middle class families to survive, what these tax policies are ignoring in terms of America’s manufacturing base.

“There are autoworkers and steelworkers who are looking for ways to ensure their businesses and the industry can survive. But, instead of helping of these workers and these industries today, the House is simply transferring the wealth upwards.

“We need to take stock of what we are doing here today. This is not just a fiscal question, it is a moral question.”


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