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Specialized Art Collections

Vice Presidential Busts
Vice Presidential Busts CropThe Senate's vice presidential bust collection.
Birds of the Brumidi Corridors
Birds of the Brumidi Corridors cropConstantino Brumidi painted over 100 species of birds in the richly decorated Capitol corridors that bear his name.
Women & Senate Art
Women & Senate Art cropArt in the U.S. Senate Collection depicting or created by women.
Eastman's Forts
Eastman's Forts cropFrom 1870-1875 artist Seth Eastman traveled the country to paint images of military fortifications.

Specialized Historical Collections

Conkling, Platt, & Nast
Conkling, Platt, & Nast CropThomas Nast fathered the modern political cartoon in the pages Harper's Weekly newspaper.
Puck Cartoons
Puck CropPuck, an illustrated humor magazine published 1876-1918, frequently made the Senate a target of its satire.
Half Century of Inaugural Images
Half Century of Inaugural Images cropEngravings from the Senate Collection depicting inaugural festivities, 1853-1905.
Inaugural Tickets & Invitations
Inaugural Tickets & Invitations CropSelections from the Senate's collection of presidential inaugural items.
Senate Chamber Gallery Passes
Cropped Gallery Pass ImageSince 1880 passes have been required for visitors to the Senate galleries.


Oral History Project

Oral history Interviews with senators, officers, staff, and others provide insight into the history and evolution of the Senate.  

Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress

Information about any senator, representative, vice president, or member of the Continental Congress.  


Organizational Chart

This chart shows the relationships among Senate leaders and officers who manage the flow of legislative and administrative business in the Senate.