Working with Forms

The Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filing System allows filers to complete Lobbying Disclosure Registration and Reporting forms using the IBM Workplace Viewer.  These forms are opened on the filer’s computer and completed, signed with a Senate password, and then submitted to the House.  The electronic forms have the following features:

      Blank forms can be downloaded from the Lobbying Disclosure website for first time registrants.  If you are already registered, you can download registration and reporting templates that are pre-populated with the House ID and registrant information for each client;

      As you complete the forms you can add and delete new issue, addendum, and update pages when needed.  You can also navigate to any page in the form;

      Form data is validated for compliance with filing requirements and alerts you about problems that must be corrected before the form can be filed;

      Forms can be submitted to both the House and Senate from your desktop using any internet connection;

      Forms can be edited by removing the signature and modifying the appropriate fields, then signed and submitted again;

      The user manual can be accessed from the header in each form page should you need help while completing the form.

The topics listed below explain the features and functions of the Lobbying Disclosure electronic forms and step by step instructions on how to complete forms and use form templates.

See Appendices for sample LD-1 and LD-2 forms


Form Features

Entering Form Content


Using Templates and Populated Forms

Re-Using Signed Forms

Completing Forms