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  • Gulf oil spill illustrates risks to nature (The Hill)
    Jul 29, 2010  - America faces the greatest environmental disaster of our time in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the devastating impact on America’s wildlife is ongoing. As cleanup efforts continue, we must take heed of the lessons offered by this disaster to better protect our nation’s wildlife, waters, wetlands... More
  • Collaboration is essential to watershed conservation (Wilmington News Journal)
    Jul 22, 2010  - The Delaware River Basin Watershed, encompassing portions of Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, is one of the nation's most important natural landscapes. The Delaware River and Bay, and the many tributaries that feed into them, are among Delawareans' favorite areas for recreation and w... More
  • The Disclose Act is a matter of campaign honesty (The Washington Post)
    Jun 17, 2010  - On Jan. 21, 2010, the Supreme Court threw out 100 years of established law and legal precedent that protected the integrity of our political process against direct campaign expenditures by big-money special interests. With Americans already struggling to have their voices heard in Washington, the ru... More
  • Acquisitions act would help reduce federal spending (Delaware State News)
    Jun 8, 2010  - The U.S. budget deficit soared to $1.4 trillion last year, and is expected to reach $1.6 trillion by the end of 2010.   Experts agree that a deficit this size cannot be sustained in the long-term.  Families across Delaware and throughout the nation are making smart choices with their ... More
  • Vigilance is key to keeping Delaware's roads safe (Bethany Beach Wave)
    Jun 8, 2010  - Summer is just around the corner, and for most Delawareans this means three things: sun, sand, and traffic. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, long lines of cars stretch as far as the eye can see along I-95, Route 1 and Route 13. Unfortunately, more cars on the road often mean more injuries and fata... More
  • Nation's military deserve our honor and respect (Delaware State News)
    May 31, 2010  - As Memorial Day ceremonies kick off throughout Delaware, we honor the many heroes of our great nation for their past and present commitment, courage, sacrifice, and dedication. As a nation, we are forever indebted to these brave men and women, as well as their families and those who work to support ... More
  • ESEA revisions are long overdue but must be handled carefully (The Hill)
    May 19, 2010  - Forty-five years ago, President Johnson signed into law the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to ensure all students, regardless of their background, have access to a strong public education. Since then, we have achieved many successes. The achievement gap between disadvantaged students ... More
  • National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy today (Middletown Transcript)
    May 5, 2010  - This month, more than 200 national organizations in the health, entertainment, education, faith and media fields, and nearly 30 state and local organizations are partnering to promote and support the 9th annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. I have been a proponent of this national awarenes... More
  • Financial aid fair guides parents, students through lengthy process (Seaford Star)
    Mar 11, 2010  - During this time of economic uncertainty, many people are turning to college and job training programs to expand their knowledge and skill sets. While advanced degrees are more valuable than ever and serve as key factors in turning around our economy, college costs are skyrocketing and continue t... More
  • Build on successes of No Child Left Behind (The Hill)
    Mar 2, 2010  - Over the past century, America’s economic growth has been attributed to advancements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). These innovations have enabled the United States to be the first in flight, build the Ford Model T, put a man on the moon and develop nuclear power. ... More