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1. What do you think Congress should do about the expiration of the Bush tax cuts at the end of this year?


  • Let all the tax cuts expire
  • Keep the tax cuts in place
  • Keep some of the tax cuts and allow some to expire
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The Defense Bill Becomes Law

The Defense BIll Becomes Law

Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel, Susan Davis, joins her House and Senate Armed Services Committee colleagues and President Obama at the White House for the signing of the FY2010 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In addition to authorizing general Department of Defense programs, end-strength totals, and procurement levels for the next fiscal year, the NDAA increased service member pay 3.4%, requires face-to-face mental health screening for service members returning from combat, and includes several programs for improving quality of life for military families. This year’s NDAA also included language that expands the definition of ‘hate crimes’ under federal law to include sexual orientation and gender identity.