Congress stands on the verge of considering the largest health care overhaul in a generation. At stake? Your health, your children’s health, and your pocketbook. The plan emerging in the House of Representatives threatens to raise costs, reduce choices, and let government bureaucrats come between you and your doctor at an eye-popping, debt-raising, cost of $1,100,000,000,000. This comes just days after the federal deficit surpassed $1,000,000,000,000 for the first time in history.

I remain committed to protecting and strengthening your health care – protecting you from increased health care costs, losing the health plans you currently have, and government interference in your medical decisions; and strengthening health care by ensuring that better quality, more affordable care is available for all Americans.

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Health care is intensely personal, and touches every American. Health care is not about bureaucratic “systems” and “payment flows” and complicated regulations in government jargon.  Health care is about people. Quality health care is the foundation for our children to grow and prosper, just as it is the basis for seniors to enjoy comfortable retirements.
I believe that if you like the health care you have, you should keep it, and that there is no place for government bureaucrats in the doctor’s office. click here to continue reading...

No family should ever have to choose between putting food on the table and bringing their children to the doctor.  Skyrocketing health care costs are forcing companies to lay off good workers just to stay in business.  We must make health care more affordable for individuals, families, and employers by extending substantial tax relief to offset rising costs, curbing wasteful spending in government health programs, and enacting meaningful medical liability reform. click here to continue reading...

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Column Series: Reichert Solutions for Meaningful Health Care Reform
Part I: Promoting a Culture of Prevention and Wellness
Part II: Sound Medical Liability Reform
Part III: Tax Breaks and Incentives Hold Potential to Lower Costs
Part IV: Tapping the Potential of Health Information Technology


AARP Investigation Updates

10.22.2009 BLOG: AARP Leaves Questions Unanswered

10.15.2009 RELEASE: Reichert Persists in AARP Inquiry

10.13.2009 In The Seattle Times: Reichert, Hastings tangled in politics of health care


09.24.2009 BLOG: Why is AARP Supporting Proposed Medicare Cuts?

09.21.2009 RELEASE Reichert Launches Investigation into AARP’s Support for Medicare Cuts

09.21.2009 LETTER: Reichert letter to AARP regarding Medicare cuts

Health Care News Updates

09.09.2009 RELEASE: Reichert Responds to President's Health Care Address to Congress 

07.17.2009 RELEASE: Reichert Acts to Protect Americans’ Health and Pocketbooks; Opposes $1.1 Trillion Government-Run Health Overhaul Bill 

07.17.2009 OP-ED: Health-care plan threatens right to choose

07.16.2009 UPDATE: Consideration of Health Overhaul Bill, Twelve Hours and Counting

07.16.2009 Washington Post: CBO Chief: Health Reform Measures Would Weaken Economy 

07.16.2009 BLOG: VIDEO: Reichert Voices Concerns with Health Care Rationing 

07.16.2009 TUNE IN: Consideration of Health Overhaul Bill Beginning Now (9 a.m. EST)

07.14.2009 Reichert Voices Opposition with Government-Run Health Care Overhaul Plan

07.08.2009 In you missed it: Dave speaks on health care 




07.28.2009 VIDEO: Dave Reichert Shares a Constituent's Concerns on Health Care Penalty Tax in House Floor Speech


07.22.2009 VIDEO: Reichert on Health Bill: "This is not choice. This is not freedom."


07.21.2009 VIDEO: Reichert Opposes Small Business Penalty Tax in Health Bill that Would Cost US Jobs

07.16.2009 VIDEO: Reichert: "Patients and their doctors, not the government, should be in charge of health care"


07.16.2009 VIDEO: Reichert Speaks in Favor of Amendment to Require MCs and Pres to Enroll in Gov't-Run Health Care

07.16.2009 VIDEO: Dave Reichert Offers Amendment to Stop Small Business Tax Increases
07.16.2009 VIDEO: Dave Reichert Offers Amendment to Preserve Choice in Health Care 

07.16.2009 PHOTOS: Ways and Means Hearing Begins

07.13.2009 PHOTOS: Dave with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on a blogger call talking health care

07.10.2009 VIDEO: Reichert Speaks out Against Government-Run Health Care

06.30.2009 VIDEO: Dave Reichert Questions Witnesses at Health Care Reform Hearing    

04.30.2009 VIDEO: Congressman Reichert Questions Witnesses at Hearing on Employer-Based Health Plans

04.27.2009 VIDEO: Congressman Reichert Questions Witness in Health Care Reform Hearing





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