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Reichert Hosts Health Care Advisory Committee Panel

Mercer Island, WA, Aug 3 - Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-08) today convened a meeting of his health care advisory committee to brief members on his recent health care legislative work and to discuss related issues with recognized leaders in the health care field.

“I appreciate so much the opportunity to hear the concerns and suggestions of these leaders who serve on the front lines of the health care industry each day caring for the well being of our citizens,” Reichert said. “This meeting provided a valuable forum for doctors as well as insurance, IT, consulting and other health care professionals to exchange information about the affect of the new health care overhaul and to share ideas about the challenges we face to make sure every American has access to quality, affordable health care. I will be taking these ideas and suggestions back to Washington, DC, where I will continue fighting for common-sense reform to our health care system.”

Dr. Fred Tobis, chairman of the advisory committee, moderated today’s event. Topics discussed by the committee included:
·         Insurance coverage and the implications of the new health care overhaul for employer-provided coverage;


·         The potential for some employers to drop coverage based on cost and reporting requirements;

·         Children’s health care coverage and Reichert’s task force to address childhood obesity;

·         Radiology and mammography standards;

·         Health information technology and enhanced communication among hospitals and medical centers;

·         How to promote prevention, wellness and healthy lifestyle decisions and how these choices affect health care costs;  

·         Changes in medical workforce structure to accommodate changes associated with the new law;

·         Medical liability reform; and

·         Government’s role in health care.

Representatives who participated in today’s advisory committee meeting included:
Swedish Medical Center
Tacoma/Pierce County Public Health
Center for Physician Leadership Training
Washington State Medical Association
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Health Point
Premera Blue Cross
Children’s Hospital
Overlake Reproductive Health

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