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America Speaking Out

Congressman Tom Price (GA-06) held an America Speaking Out Town Hall on June 1, 2010 at the Walton High School Theatre Auditorium in Marietta, GA. As part of an ongoing effort to partner with the American people to address the challenges facing our nation, Congressman Price asked participants during the town hall to offer their ideas and positive solutions for a stronger future. The following is a list of recommendations offered by constituents (in no particular order):

  • Repeal health care Bill
  • Pass the FairTax
  • New bills which raise costs must include cuts (i.e. balanced budget)
  • Stop illegal immigration and bring back manufacturing to America
  • Give economic concessions to financially responsible citizens – interest rate cuts, tax rebates and incentives
  • Support Israel
  • Oppose any interchange amendment that would take interchange away from the financial cardholder. Financial institutions need this income to support services such as issuance, fraud, and investigation
  • Republicans need a positive alternative message – balanced budget; education reform; expanded outreach to minority communities; constitutional education; immigration reform
  • Make legal immigration easier than illegal immigration
  • Term limits


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