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For Immediate Release
Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Contact: Ryan Murphy
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Democrats Ignore Voters’ Message to Cut Spending

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement as Democrats attempted to buy time for a massive omnibus spending package by passing a bill today to fund the government only through December 18.

“Today, Speaker Pelosi’s lame duck majority is showing why lame duck sessions should be the exception, not the rule,” said Congressman Price. “Americans sent an unmistakable message to Washington last month to cut spending immediately. Instead of listening to the voters, Democrats opted for an ultra short-term funding farce to buy time for one last, gargantuan spending spree. If these people were any more out-of-touch, they would be in orbit.

“Conservatives crafted a more responsible solution that cuts the Democrats’ spending plan by nearly $100 billion next year. Washington’s current spending path is a road to ruin. To tackle these trillion-dollar deficits, we have to start by returning the budget to pre-stimulus and pre-bailout levels.”

NOTE: The Republican Study Committee's continuing resolution holds non-security discretionary spending at FY 2008 levels, continues current funding for defense, veterans, and homeland security, defunds ObamaCare, extends the House Republicans’ earmark moratorium through FY 2011, and ensures pro-life protections. It includes none of the billions of dollars in new spending requested by President Obama. Click here for more details.


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