Interested college students and recent college graduates may apply for an internship with Congressman Reichert's office.

Service Academy Nominations
Members of Congress have the ability to nominate qualified students to the United States Military Academies. Please click here to learn more about the requirements for nomination.

Congressional Arts Competition
Each year a congressional arts competition for high school students is held. Winning artwork is displayed in the Capitol building for one year, viewable by lawmakers, visitors and tourists from all over the country. Click on the link to learn more.

Congressional Page Program
Congressional pages are students in their junior year of high school who are hired to serve as assistants for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. The page program is administered by the Office of the Clerk, pursuant to direction from the Majority and Minority leadership and the U.S. House of Representatives Page Board. The practice of having pages assist in Congressional operations dates back over 200 years. All students must be sponsored by a Member of Congress to become a page.

Congressional Award
The Congressional Award is Congress’ highest honor for America’s youth. The Congressional Award provides a structure for young Americans to learn the value of service, personal development, fitness, and citizenship through character forming experiences that shape tomorrow’s leaders and our country’s future.


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