Lobbying Reporting

A quarterly report of lobbying activities is required from registrants for each actively registered client. Reporting is required beginning with the effective date of registration and continues until the client's registration is terminated, even if the registrant does not have any lobbying activity to report. Please see the General Filing Requirements and Reporting Requirements for more information. Please review the Quick Tips below for information on completing LD forms, and required software.

Quarterly Lobby Reporting Form LD-2

click to download Lobby Reporting Form LD2 for WindowsDownload Blank Form

Locate your Senate ID

To locate your Senate ID, please visit http://senate.gov/lobby/

Forms Archive

Click on the link below to download blank semiannual LD2 forms.
Forms Archive

Filing Deadlines

Quarterly Activity Reports*

April 20 First Quarter (January 1 – March 31)

July 20 Second Quarter (April 1 – June 30)

October 20 Third Quarter (July 1 – September 30)

January 20 Fourth Quarter (October 1 – December 31)

Contribution Reports*

July 30 Mid Year (January 1 – June 30)

January 30 Year End (July 1 – December 31)

*If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the report is due the following business day.

Quick Tips

Please see the related articles section for more information on any of the topics listed below.

Before You Begin

Technical Requirements:

Your computer must be configured with the following:
  • A Web browser (Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher, Netscape version 7.0 or higher, or Firefox version 1.0 or higher)
  • IBM Workplace Viewer software
  • Blank or pre-populated IBM Workplace forms
  • An Internet connection

Completing Forms

To avoid commonly reported problems

Use the pre-populated templates that contain your registrant name, client name, House ID, and contact information. These forms are available in the Forms and Software section of this Web site. Senate IDs and passwords are also required to file electronically.

To complete your form

A header is available at the top of each form to move to different pages in your form, delete pages, and to access help. Buttons are available in the appropriate location to insert new issue, addendum, and update pages as you need them.

Signing and Filing Forms

Use the signature button to sign your form

Remember to review your form before signing it. Required fields are highlighted in yellow, and fields that are not valid are highlighted in red. When you are ready to sign your form, click the button on the signature line. Any errors in your form will be displayed by page and line number. You must correct these fields before you can sign and submit your form.

Click the Sign button to enter your name and Senate password

The IBM Workplace Viewer will display the message “No Signature” when you click the signature line. This message refers to the status of your form, which has not been signed yet. To sign your document, click the “Sign” button and enter the signer name, the Senate password, then enter the password a second time to confirm it.

Senate Passwords are now required to sign your forms

You may file your forms with both the House and Senate using version 6.0.0 of the lobbying disclosure forms and your Senate password. If you have not obtained your Senate password, please contact the Senate Office of Public Records.

Forms are now filed with both the House and Senate at the same time

Lobbying Disclosure forms version 6.0.0 are filed with both the House and Senate by clicking the “File with Congress” button. A single receipt confirmation will be displayed in a browser window when it has been received. Submitted forms will be processed by each chamber and you will receive additional information regarding the status of your filing from the House and Senate separately.