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Have you ever wanted to work in our nation's capital, or spend time sitting in the galleries of Congress to watch them debate, or perhaps work alongside Capitol Hill staff members or attend various committee hearings? If this sounds like an interesting option for you, why not intern in the office of Congressman Ron Paul? Congressman Paul is always looking for students who are willing to work and would like to experience firsthand how the government truly operates.

Daily tasks and routine may not always be so exhilarating, but, as noted by many past interns, the insight and knowledge gained from working for a member of the U.S. Congress is what you will take with you and may even change your life. Even if you're not political or have much interest in government, there is nothing like spending some weeks in one of the world's most powerful and prestigious cities — Washington, D.C.

Here is what one intern had to say about his D.C. experience working for Congressman Paul:

"I learned about looking at each bill and comparing it to the constitution. I also learned a lot about the general way things work on the Hill, and that there are politicians out there who are concerned only with getting reelected. It was definitely a very rewarding experience, and something I would do again if I could. I'll never forget it."

Interns are accepted all year round. Applicants do not need to be a resident of the 14th district of Texas, though residents do receive higher priority. Interns are accepted all year round, but as the summer is usually the most preferred time for most students who look for an internship, we recommend sending your application as early as possible. Daily and weekly schedules can be flexible as well as the length of the internship. There are paid and non paid internships available also in the D.C. office as well as the three Texas offices.

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