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Members of Congress Green Their House: Offices in DC and Beyond the Beltway More Eco-Friendly

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At a time when many American families are committed to reducing their energy costs and become more environmentally conscious, lawmakers at the House of Representatives are doing the same.

As part of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “Green the Capitol” Program, the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, which manages House operations, is now coordinating a national effort to help Members green not only their DC offices, but also their district offices, which number 900 nationwide.

“This new push is significant in that the House of Representatives occupies millions of square feet of office space all over the United States, not just here in Washington, DC,” said House Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard. “The fact that many Members of Congress want to also make the offices in their home states more sustainable shows a tremendous amount of leadership and says to the constituents in their Districts, ‘Saving energy is not just your priority, it’s ours, too.”

House Supporting Members

The move follows two years of large-scale operational improvements to the House side of the Capitol Complex, which have resulted in a 74 percent reduction in the institution’s carbon footprint.

As part of the greening programs, Members of Congress agree to make a series of operational changes, such as using recycled paper and switching to Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.

The programs have measured significant savings, including the diversion of tens of thousands pounds of waste from landfills, the reduction of more than 90,000 pounds of carbon and the savings of thousands of dollars.

Sustainability staff from the House recently worked to make district offices in California, Colorado and New Mexico more environmentally-friendly. Efforts in other districts across the country are underway. .

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Green Fleet

A Green Fleet

We have purchased more than 40 electric and hybrid vehicles for the House fleet, including a hybrid diesel truck for longer distance hauling. Biodiesel shuttles provide employee transportation on campus and to Union Station.

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