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HFC-Free Vending Machines Lower Carbon Emissions at the House

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HFC-Free Vending Machines Lower Carbon Emissions at the House

The next time a member of the House of Representatives reaches for a Coke, it will be from a greener vending machine. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer recently joined Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard, Members of Congress and leaders from Coca-Cola to unveil 35 new climate friendly Coca-Cola vending machines for the Capitol buildings including the House, Senate and Visitor's Center. The new vending machines are hydro-fluorocarbon-free (HFC-free) and feature a natural refrigerant gas that substantially reduces direct greenhouse gas emissions by 99 percent.

"I am proud of the work by the House Green the Capitol Program to reduce our environmental footprint here on the Hill," said House Majority Leader Hoyer. "I am encouraged that Coca-Cola stepped up to provide these new vending machines, demonstrating how public and private sectors can work together to bring innovative solutions to the marketplace."

The House of Representatives is the first location in the U.S. to feature Coca-Cola's new HFC-free vending machines. The new HFC-free cooling technology has approximately 1,430 times less global warming impact than the typical HFC refrigerant gas used in the U.S. and will reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions by more than five tons over the lifetime of the machine.

"The conversion to HFC-free vending machines will produce a dramatic reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions over time," said Chief Administrative Officer Beard. "This new technology from Coca-Cola supports the spirit of the Green the Capitol program and gives the House staff yet another green option. Through Coca-Cola’s environmental efforts as well as our own, we are setting an example of the greener future we hope to achieve as a nation."

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