United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

2010 Edition

Introduction and Acronyms

Chapter 1: VA Health Care Benefits 

Chapter 2: Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities

Chapter 3: VA Pensions

Chapter 4: Education and Training

Chapter 5: Home Loan Guaranty

Chapter 6: VA Life Insurance

Chapter 7: Burial and Memorial Benefits

Chapter 8: Reserve and National Guard

Chapter 9: Special Groups of Veterans

Chapter 10: Transition Assistance

Chapter 11: Dependents and Survivors Health Care

Chapter 12: Dependents and Survivors Benefits

Chapter 13: Appeals of VA Claims Decisions

Chapter 14: Military Medals and Records

Chapter 15: Other Federal Benefits

VA Facilities 

Phone Numbers and Web Sites

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents & Survivors Cover

PDF Version

La versión en Español del folleto “Beneficios Federales para los Veteranos, Dependientes y Supervivientes" (edicion 2009), el cual explica la variedad de beneficios disponibles para los veteranos y sus dependientes, se encuentra disponible en versión PDF. La versión 2009