College Level Students

This portion of my website is dedicated to helping high school and college students find valuable information to help them prepare, select, and pay for college. Additionally, it provides links to a number of opportunities available to students including internships and military academies. If you have any questions give my Utah office a call.

Opportunities for College Students

Find out about federally sponsored internships, fellowships, work opportunities, and financial aid.

National Service:

Internships / Federal Fellowship Opportunities:

Opportunities with Specific Agencies and Organizations:

Preparing for College

Taking time to research can make all the difference in choosing the right college for you. It can also be critical in making college more affordable. Many of the resources you need are available here online.

Finding the Right College or University:

Information on Utah's Colleges:

Financing your Higher Education

Nearly every educational institution uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. Learn more about available aid and fill out a FAFSA form from this site.

Financial Aid:

Federal Resources and Grants:

Tax Benefits: