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Republican Office, Committee on the Budget, Rep. Paul Ryan, Ranking Member
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Unemployment Rate: 9.6% in August 2010
2010 Deficit: $1.5 trillion
Real GDP: +1.7% in 2nd Qtr 2010 (third estimate)
2020 Debt as Percentage of GDP: 90%


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Refocus The Fed On Price Stability Instead Of Bailing Out Fiscal Policy

Investor’s Business Daily Editorial


Ryan Reiterates Support for Federal Worker Pay Freeze

Calls for Additional Action to Achieve Real Savings


Confirmation of Jack Lew for OMB Director

Ranking Member Ryan Statement


Ranking Member Paul Ryan Joins Charlie Rose

Highlights from Charlie Rose


Paul Ryan on CNBC’s Squawk Box



Stop the Tax Hikes

USA Today Opinion Editorial


Camp, Ryan, Hensarling Joint Statement

On Bowles-Simpson Proposal


CBO Confirms Obamacare Will Increase Drug Prices

In letter to Ranking Member Ryan, CBO highlights the latest health care broken promise


How the Republicans can fulfill their pledge

We face a choice: an opportunity society with a safety net or a cradle-to-grave social welfare state

CBO Report: Another Call to Action

Projections for Social Security warn of status quo’s painful consequences


Paul Ryan’s Invitation for Solutions

Met (again) with Misleading Attacks


Ryan: Too Much Spending, Too Few Jobs

Treasury Reports $1.3 Trillion Deficit


Earmark Moratorium

Ryan Statement of Support


Restoring America's Promise

Paul Ryan's Presentation at the Concord Coalition


The Continuing Resolution for Fiscal Year 2011

Appropriations Analysis


Social Security

The Draconian Do-Nothing Plan


The Urgent Need to Tackle the Debt Threat

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Speech


Fiscal Year Ends in Fiscal Failure

Ranking Member Ryan Statement


The Budget Record of the 111th Congress

More Spending, Taxes, Deficits, and Debt


The Impact of Looming Tax Increases

Understanding the Tax Debate


Getting America Back To Work and Back on Track

Ryan Statement on House Republicans’ Pledge to America


The Small Business Jobs and Credit Act

The Small Business Jobs and Credit Act


Budgeting for Education Hearing

Ranking Member Ryan Opening Statement


Budget Boondoggle Award

The Victims of Cash for Clunkers' 'Success'


Call for Bipartisan Push to Restrain Spending, Prevent Tax Hikes, Spur Job Creation

Camp, Lewis & Ryan Letter


Stop the Spending Spree; Prevent Looming Tax Hikes; Spur Job Creation

Ryan praises Leader Boehner's plan for fiscal discipline & economic growth


Ryan Calls for Adult Conversation & Principled Leadership

Washington Partisans Continue Irresponsible Attacks


The Looming Lost Decade

Deficits and Debt Explode; Jobs and Economy Stagnate


Ranking Member Paul Ryan on CBO Budget Update

Higher Deficits & Debt – But Where Are The Jobs?


GAO’s Finding that National Fiscal Gap is Over $86.3 Trillion

Ryan Statement


Washington vs. Paul Ryan

Wall Street Journal editorial


Ryan Statement on Looming Bankruptcy of Social Security & Medicare

Programs need solutions – not spin – from Obama Administration


The Illusions of Pay-Go


Appropriations Update

Transporation-HUD Appropriation (H.R.5850)


Appropriations Update

Military Construction/ Veterans Affairs Appropriation (H.R.5822)


OMB’s Mid-Session Review

Ranking Member Ryan Statement

Analysis: The Debt Keeps Mounting


Another Budget Deadline Missed

Ranking Member Ryan Statement


The Great Wall of Debt

The latest warning from the Washington Post


Ranking Member Paul Ryan Opening Statement
Hearing on the Failed "Stimulus"

Full Text of Remarks

Paul Ryan on CNBC’s Squawk Box

More Video Highlights from Guest Host Paul Ryan

Nomination of Jack Lew for OMB Director

Ryan Statement

The Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation Bill

Complications and Budget Gimmicks

An Unprecedented Budgetary Collapse

Ranking Member Ryan Statement

Ranking Member Paul Ryan Opening Statement
Hearing: Perspectives on the U.S. Economy

Full Text of Remarks

The Majority's Budget Deemer

An Admission of Fiscal Failure


CBO Rings Latest Fiscal Alarm

Ranking Member Paul Ryan Echoes Call to Chart a New Course


Spending - And Spinning - Out of Control

Setting the record straight on Democrats' unprecedented budget failure


Ranking Member Paul Ryan Delivers Weekly Republican Address


Full text of Remarks


Ranking Member Paul Ryan Outlines “A Plan for Prosperity”

Remarks Delivered at U.S. Chamber of Commerce


“The biggest threat we have to our national security is our debt.”- Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff



Read more from The Hill


Reps. Paul Ryan and Jeb Hensarling - Washington Examiner Op-Ed Series

Part 1: Mortgaging Our Children’s Future

Part 2: We Need to Cut Spending Now

Part 3: A Roadmap for America’s Future


Report from Republican Leader John Boehner

Obamacare: Three Months of Broken Promises


No Budget. No Priorities. No Restraints.

Ryan Statement on Democrats’ Unprecedented Budget Failure


Ranking Member Ryan Statement

On OMB Director Peter Orszag


Ranking Member Paul Ryan Challenges
Washington’s Culture of Spending

A Look at Taxpayer Bailouts

Update on TARP and Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac


Budget Boondoggle Award

Imposing One-Size-Fits-All 'Utopia' on Communities


White House on Unprecedented Budget Failure