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  • GEIT Award

  • HFC-Free Vending Machines Lower Carbon Emissions at the House

  • House Green Expo Educates Members and Staff
    on the Importance of Going Green

    More than 1,000 House employees and Member of Congress
    attended the House Green Expo to learn how to make their offices
    more efficient and sustainable.

  • Green Expo 2010

    House staffers learn how to go green.

  • The Road to a Greener Capitol

    The House will soon remove nearly 1,700 cars from roads.
    Not literal cars, but the carbon equivalent.

  • Rep. Ed Pastor of Arizona Greens his Office

  • Earth Day 2009

    Green the Capitol Initiative Honors the Tradition of Earth Day and Helps Protect Our Planet.

  • Getting to Know Director Allison Rogers

    A special order session of Congress recognizes the Green the Capitol program.

  • Special Order of Congress Regarding Green the Capitol

    A special order session of Congress recognizes the Green the Capitol program.

  • Green the Capitol Kickoff Press Conference

    The Green the Capitol Program's kickoff press conference with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on June 21, 2007.

  • New Zero-Emission Electric Vehicle

    Dan Beard, actor Ed Begley Jr. and Rep. Earl Pomeroy unveil House's new zero-emission electric vehicle.

  • Driving into the Future with a Fleet of Hybrid Vehicles

    In an effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the House, the CAO has also begun to transition to a low-emissions vehicle fleet.

  • Unplugging the Mainframe

    Like the dinosaurs, mainframe computers once ruled the world -- well, the world of computing anyway. But the last dinosaur in the House's computing arsenal is about to meet the fate of so many before it: extinction (or in this case, disconnection).

  • Slashing Energy Consumption with a Blade

    Read about how the U.S. House of Representatives is saving energy in its data center.