The Issues


The federal government should live within its means and balance the budget. A good start is the adoption of budget enforcement rules, known as pay-as-you-go, to stop adding to the deficit...

Climate Change

Coal is America's must abundant domestic fuel. It accounts for more than half of all electricity generated in this country...

Constitutional Issues

Our system of government and the rights afforded every American are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Consumer Protection

Exposure to lead in children under age six - and to pregnant women – is a grave health threat.

Counterfeit Drugs

Counterfeit drugs are a growing problem and they cause great harm.

Economic Growth

Small businesses are the economic engines that provide jobs and keep the economy humming.

Economic Recovery Plan

We all know our economy is on the rocks. Many of our neighbors are beginning to fill the pinch of a recession. 


Education is the best investment we can make in our children.


America's dependence on foreign oil is a threat to the economy and to national security.


Our health, our quality of life, and our prosperity depend on caring for the environment.

Fiscal Responsibility

It is fiscally reckless and morally wrong to continue to pile up debt on future generations. 

Gas Prices

The steep rise in gasoline prices is hurting Utah families.

Good Government

Openness, transparency, honesty and accountability are hallmarks of good government.

Health Care

Rising health costs are concerning to all of us.

Homeland Security

Securing our country and preserving our freedoms are the critical goals of homeland defense.


The subprime mortgage crisis and tightening credit markets have dealt a blow homeowners and the economy alike.


It is vital to know who is in our country and why.


Support for our military men and women presently in the battlefield and their safety is paramount.

Nuclear Waste

Any country possessing the technology for nuclear power should be capable of disposing of its own radioactive waste.

Nuclear Weapons/RECA

The West has paid dearly for accepting government assurances that nuclear testing was safe.

Public Lands

Throughout Utah, parcels of state school trust lands are scattered –in checkerboard fashion–amid federal land, complicating each agency's management objectives.

Rural Issues

Self-reliant and entrepreneurial by nature, rural communities symbolize America because they revolve around families committed to hard work, religious values and working the land.


The U.S. has always been the world’s creative, innovate leader.


Senior citizens are increasingly healthier, living longer and engaged in their communities.

Small Business

Small business is critical to our economic strength, to building America's future and to helping the U.S. compete in today's global marketplace.


Investment in public infrastructure is the key to our economic prosperity and our competitiveness in a global marketplace.


We are reminded daily of the sacrifices today's soldiers and tomorrow's veterans are making for our country.


Water shortages have occurred in at least 36 states across the country.