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Dear Friend,

I am pleased to welcome you to my new website. I encourage you to visit my constituent services, legislative issues , media center, photos, videos, press releases, op-eds, and podcasts... more»

Health Care Reform

Earlier this year, Congressman Dingell played an instrumental role in guiding the health insurance reform package through Congress ... more»


Make it in America

Manufacturing has long been the mainstay of Southeast Michigan’s economy and Congressman Dingell has always fought for the workers that make their livelihoods in the sector... more»


Wall Street Reform

As we rebuild our economy, we must put in place common-sense rules to ensure Big Banks and Wall Street can't play Russian Roulette again with our futures ... more»

  Wall Street Reform

Dingell Works with Small Business Leaders

Dingell Works with Small Business Leaders

Congressman Meets with Merchants, Enterpreneurs to Brainstorm on Economy

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American Jobs and Economic Recovery

American Jobs and Economic Recovery

On the road to recovery with a 21st Century economy.

Congressman Dingell speaks with workers at Sunrise Windows in Temperance.

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Latest News

Latest News

New Health Care Regulations Help Michigan’s Health and Economic Well-Being

Dingell Marks Health Care Milestone

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Affordable Health Care for America

Affordable Health Care for America

Health reform will help our entrepreneurs and small business people create jobs.

Congressman Dingell looks on as President Obama signs health reform into law.

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My Voting Record

12-1 595 H RES 1724 Yea
12-1 594 H RES 1217 Not Voting
12-1 593 H J RES 101 Yea
12-1 592 H RES 1430 Aye
12-1 591 H RES 1735 Aye
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