Free Enterprise: House Small Business Leader Calls For Tax Extension, Spending Restraints
November 29, 2010  - By Free Enterprise Congress should provide small business owners with certainty and extend the Bush tax rates for everyone, according to House Small Business Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO). “What the American people want is certainty, including dealing with the 2001-2003 tax policy,” Graves to...More

Bloomberg Business Week: Small Business: Still Waiting for Recovery
November 19, 2010  - By John Tozzi; Bloomberg Business Week The recovery that began in the middle of last year hasn't reached small businesses yet. While corporate profits approach pre-recession levels, income at small private companies is recovering much more slowly, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Ana...More

Straight Talk: Tax Hike Looming, SBA Chief Demands 1099 Repeal and More
November 19, 2010  - Click here to read the new edition of Straight Talk! More

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