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Thank you for visiting my federal grants website. I am often contacted by individuals, nonprofit groups, and local governments who are developing essential programs to help grow and develop Virginia’s Fourth District. Organizations and local governments are always looking for funding opportunities to help get their projects off the ground. Fire departments and police departments are always in need of new equipment and materials for their stations. Each year, the federal government allocates money to federal agencies to fund needed projects just like those of the Fourth District.

Whether it is preserving a historic building, or funding a local community program for disadvantaged youths, there may be money available from the federal government or from a private foundation to fit your project. This website is designed to help you identify those opportunities. I encourage you to utilize all of the available resources here to help make you programs develop. I hope you find this information useful.

For information on how to apply for federal grants and how Congressman Forbes' office can help:

Applying for Federal Grants Primer
Help with Federal Grants

If you should have any questions regarding federal funding opportunities, you should coordinate with my Grants Coordinator, Curtis Byrd, in my Chesapeake District office. He may be reached at (757) 382-0080.