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Senate.gov Home Page Feature Archive (2006-2010)

Sep 2010Focus on the Constitution: The Connecticut Compromise
Aug 2010Senate Art Exhibits: Learning about the Senate
Jun 2010The Role of Committees in the Legislative Process
May 2010Biographical Directory: Who's Who in Congress
Apr 2010Celebrate National Library Week: Browse Senate Art Publications
Feb 2010Yea or Nay? Voting in the Senate
Nov 2009New Art Site: Viewing Senate History Through Art
Sep 2009Focus on the Constitution: Advice & Consent of the Senate
Jul 2009An Historic Painting, Rediscovered: Henry Clay in the U.S. Senate
May 2009Moments in Senate History: Photographs of Senate Life
Apr 2009Celebrate National Library Week: Browse Senate Art Publications
Mar 2009Russell Senate Office Building: First Century, 1909-2009
Jan 2009The Senate Chamber, 1859-2009
Nov 2008The Senate's President Pro Tempore
Sep 2008”We the People” Celebrating the Constitution
Aug 2008 Classic Senate Speeches: Great Orators of the Senate's Past
Jul 2008Historical Minutes: Stories about Senate History
May 2008Recording the Senate's Debates: The Congressional Record
Mar 2008A U.S. Senate Tradition: Washington's Farewell Address
Jan 2008What is All this Talk About Sessions?
Nov 2007Congressional Cemetery: 200th Anniversary
Sep 2007”We the People” Celebrating the Constitution
May 2007The President of the Senate's Role in the Legislative Process
Mar 2007Oral History Project: Life in the Senate
Feb 2007New Multimedia Exhibit, Isaac Bassett: A Senate Memoir
Jan 2007What Happens When a New Congress Begins?
Nov 2006Art in the Senate: A View of the Senate's Past
Sep 2006"We the People" Celebrating the Constitution
Jun 2006Discover the Senate Chamber Desks
Feb 2006 Biographical Directory - Who's Who in Congress
Jan 2006 The Senate's First Decade on the Web