Help With a Federal Agency

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In today's world of automated answering machines and confusing procedures, the federal government can often seem like a frustrating maze. One of my most important duties is to cut through the red tape and ensure that the federal government is working for you. I'm happy to have a constituent services representative in one of my district offices assist you with a problem related to a federal government service.

To open a case you should follow the steps listed below to help my staff and me assist you more efficiently.

1) Complete a privacy release authorization and describe your problem - Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act, I will need your written permission before I can contact any agency on your behalf. To view the privacy release form you must have Adobe Reader on your computer. Click here to download Adobe PDF Reader.

2) Gather Necessary Supporting Documents - Be sure to locate all necessary documents which can support your case and make copies of them for my office. These can include letters from the agency, applicable case numbers, and other forms and correspondence relating to your problem.

3) Send all documents to the closest district office.

Please note that because I hold a federal office, I do not have the direct jurisdiction to assist you in matters involving state or local government. To receive assistance in these matters, please contact your appropriate elected official at the state or local level.

Which agency do you need help with?

Education Department

Federal Communications Commission

Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Internal Revenue Service

Department of Labor



Office of Personnel Management

Passport Service

Postal Service

Social Security Administration

State Department - Visas

Department of Veteran's Affairs