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VISAs and Passports

If you are planning a trip overseas, my office is available to help you with the information you will need to obtain passports, visas, travel information for the country you are visiting and information about the US Embassy located in that country. If you would like assistance or more information, please call my Lakewood office at (216)228-8850. Below are some of the most common questions relating to passports and Visas.


How can I find out if it is safe for me to travel to a specific country?

I will be traveling abroad on vacation. Will I need certain vaccinations?

I've got a passport, but are there any other entry requirements for the countries I will be visiting?


How do I obtain a passport for my trip?

How can I renew my existing passport?

I can't wait for the normal six week processing time for my application. Can I request an expedited application?


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