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An Economic Strategy
Posted by Randy | December 01, 2010

A report by Gallup has said Americans are most likely to choose deficit and debt reduction as the best approach for dealing with the economy over other alternatives like raising taxes and increasing stimulus spending.

I agree, which is why I have cosponsored a balanced budget amendment and introduced legislation to cut federal spending by 40% over five years.

Do you agree? If not these, what other economic strategies do you support?


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  • Ray Ross,Jr. commented on 12/1/2010
    Randy, I could say so much, but I will contain my anger. The trillions of dollars of debt that is currently in existence , our nation's and Wall Street's, cannot be paid. Imposing savage austerity on us voters without harnessing the gamblers on Wall Street through Glass-Steagall legislation is immoral and you know it. The U.S. needs to be placed into bankruptcy and the speculators need to be sent packing. This idea is not some cosmic thought, but one the Jews applied in the Old Testament to deal with financial maters that were out of balance. It was called Jubilee.
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