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Reproductive Rights

Control of the Congress, White House, and by power of appointment, the federal judiciary, has occurred at a time when the national Republican Party has pledged to enact legislation that would criminalize abortion. They have committed to an increasingly aggressive campaign. In recognition of this, Congressman Kucinich found that the abortion-related legislation being brought to the House floor no longer reflected his position. Last year, the Congressman withheld my support from a number of bills.

Congressman Kucinich does not believe in abortion. He does, however, believe in choice.

The Congressman has always believed in the goal of reducing the need for abortions. Throughout his career, he has supported programs with this intent. Congressman Kucinich has supported social programs, expanded Medicaid coverage, and maternal and child nutrition programs to strengthen vulnerable families. Also, the Congressman has stood behind programs that teach sex education, domestic family planning and promote the use of contraception. It was the Congressman's hope that these efforts would give women the information and support they would need to make their own reproductive choices.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is one of the most serious decisions a woman might make. It is a deeply personal decision. In our society, all women and all men have a right to make difficult moral decisions and make personal choices. But women will not be equal to men if this constitutionally protected right is denied.

Congressman Kucinich believes that women have the right to determine their reproductive choices, and he believes that criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional. The Congressman does not believe that Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

At this very moment, Members of Congress are preparing to dismantle this Constitutional protection. As a Member of Congress, Congressman Kucinich has refused to participate in this effort. The law has the potential to keep abortion as legal and safe, or more expensive and more dangerous.

This is a moment in our country’s history when our country is in need of conciliation, not division. Congressman Kucinich believes it is possible to stand in defense of the Constitution and at the same time, strive to reduce the need for abortions. It is the Congressman's intent to remain committed to working with all parties in this debate towards this goal.

Congressman Kucinich supports the Constitution and supports a woman’s right to freedom of choice.


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