Joint Forces Command Resources & News

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Congressman Forbes’ office has compiled this webpage to provide a consolidated source of information and resources regarding the Secretary of Defense’s announcement of plans to close Joint Forces Command. This webpage will be updated daily.


Read Congressman Forbes' remarks on Secretary Gates Announcement to Close JFCOM: “Administration selling off our military at auction to pay for its social programs" Read more.


News Reports and Media Coverage

Here you will find links to recent news reports and media coverage surrounding Joint Forces Command. The list includes local and national media coverage.


Official Statements

Here you will find links to official statements made by members of Congress, the Governor of Virginia, and state and local officials.


Virginia Delegation Letters

This list provides links to copies of letters sent to Secretary Gates, the Department of Defense, and the President. The list includes letters from Congressman Forbes and other members of the Virginia Congressional delegation.


Locality Letters and Resolutions

Here you will find links to of letters sent by localities to the President regarding Joint Forces Command. In addition, you’ll find links to resolutions passed by individual city councils on the decision.


Roundtable Resources

On August 18, Congressman Forbes organized a Roundtable Meeting with Members of Congress, locality officials, and other stakeholders in the Joint Forces Command decision. Here you will find resources from the meeting, including copies of slides used at the meeting and photos.