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What is modeling and simulation and why is it important? 
From doctors performing hands-on simulated surgeries, to homeland security models that account for details such as wind direction and construction sites, to transportation models that show projected traffic patterns in your hometown decades into the future, modeling and simulation is on the verge of breaking out of the defense industry and into the everyday lives of Americans. Modeling and simulation uses combinations of sound, sight, and motion to make you feel as if you are experiencing an actual event. Modeling involves complex computer models to create these artificial environments. America's military uses simulators to train personnel in multiple areas including flying aircrafts and detecting improvised explosive devices.  To read more, click here.

What is the purpose of the Caucus?
The Caucus will showcase M&S initiatives, promote the M&S industry, and will be a forum to understand the policy challenges facing this growing and versatile technology. Members of Congress may join the Caucus by contacting Congressman Forbes' office at 202.225.6365. Click here to view a list of current members.

Where can I find a list of legislation impacting M&S?
Members of the Modeling and Simulation Caucus have proposed legislation that would provide grants to encourage the study of modeling and simulation at institutes of higher education, enhance safety in the medical field through the use of advanced simulation technologies, and develop modeling and simulation standards within the department of defense. To read more about modeling and simulation legislation in Congress, click here.

What events does the Caucus host?
The Modeling and Simulation Caucus hosts and co-hosts a number of events each year. For more information on these events, contact Congressman Forbes' office at 202.225.6365. 





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